Independent Commission on Fees

From 2012, English higher education institutions was for the first time be able to charge students up to 9000 pounds a year for tuition fees, repaid through graduate contributions after university.
The Independent Commission on Fees has been established to produce an independent and considered analysis of the impact of the biggest higher education reforms in a generation. It will produce a series of reports assessing the impact of the increase in fees on application and admissions trends in universities. The Commission will consider in particular the effect on young people from low and middle income backgrounds.
The Commission will produce three reports a year over a three year period, considering a number of key issues, including the admissions of non-privileged students to highly selective universities, and admissions to particular subjects.
Chaired by Will Hutton, the commission will include Sir Peter Lampl, Stephen Machin, Libby Purves and Tanith Dodge. The secretariat and analytical support will be provided by the Sutton Trust.

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